The vision of Forward Gamlingay! is to expand and develop Sport, Youth, Education and
Leisure facilities for the community

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How To Donate


Please make your cheque payable to Forward Gamlingay! and send it with the donation form to:

The Almshouse Chapel
Church Street
SG19 3JH


By making a regular donation to Forward Gamlingay! you can help us plan with confidence.

A small sum really does make a difference allowing us to commit to supporting future projects. Knowing that we have a regular, repeatable and predictable income means we can plan to buy equipment or fund ongoing projects.

If you would like to support us monthly, quarterly or even annually then please contact download the complete and return the donation form.


This allows you to help us with our fundraising with minimum effort! You could leave your pot :

  • In the kitchen so that the family can contribute their unwanted small change
  • By your bed when you empty your pockets at the end of the day
  • At work on your desk
  • In a staff room so colleagues can contribute

Remember that it cannot be left in a public place.

Once it is full all you need to do is forward a cheque for the amount collected.

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